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More than 75 years of innovation towards smarter thinking

We develop automation and system technologies for maritime vessels and industrial¬plants. We operate worldwide from our locations in Bremen and Rostock. And we supply everything from a single source: from design and software development, to production and installation.
Our alarm and monitoring systems watch over 8 of the 13 largest yachts in the world. For Markus Kaffee, we automated one of the largest roasting plants in Germany. Founded in 1948 as an anchor winding company, we now employ more than 170 people. Our most distinguished colleague has had a 35-year relationship with our regular customers. And we have been part of the LÜRSSEN Group since 1989.
Alexander von Plato
Commercial Director
Alexander von Plato
Comm. Director
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The most efficient energy is the energy we don't use at all.

So we automate production plants and maritime vessels in such a way that they only use the energy they actually need.
In turn, everything we build is built to last. After all, what's made to last also saves resources. And data-driven solutions manage these resources wisely.
With this mindset, we consistently develop the smartest solutions.
We integrate the smartest technologies and go the extra mile for our customers to ensure they identify their energy sweet spot.
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Christian Kurtz
Technical Director
Christian Kurtz
Techn. Director
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We strive for the smartest solution in everything we do: minimum Input, maximum Impact.

We make production plants and maritime vessels run more efficiently. Because with smart automation, you use only the energy that you really need.

As a top employer, we and our team are pioneering energy-efficient automation of production plants and vessels by 2027.


Our commitment: to always develop the most efficient way of working. This does not mean that we make it easy for ourselves, but for our counterpart.

This approach guides us not only in our day-to-day business, for example when designing a control cabinet, but also when we contribute to solving more complex problems, such as the climate footprint of vessels or the shortage of skilled workers in the industry.


As experts, we adjust to the situation of our counterpart. After all, we know: on our own we are smart, together we are brilliant.

With this approach, we develop simple interfaces for complex systems. And create a working environment in which everyone can grow.


We encourage people to think beyond what we have today to see what is approaching tomorrow. This ensures that we keep up with the times.

The compasses that direct us in this are the challenges of our world, customers and employees.

Our philosophy

smart people
We employ people who can make us even smarter.
smart mindset
We believe there is always an even smarter way.
smart service
We're not necessarily more clever than the rest. We simply have greater tenacity to successfully figure out the problems.
smart operations
Automation, wherever possible. So that we have more time for the work that really matters.
smart relations
We believe in the power of partnership. On our own we are smart, together we are brilliant.

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Meet our team


Meet our team
Alexander von Plato
Commercial Director
Christian Kurtz
Technical Director
Pino Fortino
Heike Schmidt
Jörn Schäfer
Teamleiter Einkauf und Materialwirtschaft
Sven Werwe
Melvin Bülow
Junior Marketing Manager
Yvonne Lambrecht
Assistenz der Geschäftsführung
Hajo Wolff
Leiter Prüffeld
Kira von Soosten
Teamleiterin Personal
Meet our team
Mike Ellerhorst
Head of industry
Robert Hänsel
Sales Manager
Reinhard Wiese
Sales Manager
Meet our team
Marc Rosenbrock
Project Manager Automation
Denes Kailweit Cerqueira
Project Manager Automation
Anna-Natascha Martens
Sales Support
Kevin Schwarz
Team Lead Sales / Projektmanager
Mehmet Aksoy
Sales, Project Manager Automation

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