Premium Retrofit

Smart system modernization

You know this?

The system on board is old and doesn,t meet technical standards anymore.
Your operator stations are slow and come with n obsolete operating system.
The system does not run stab and devices fail again and again.
Extensions to the existing system are no longer supported.
Spare parts are expensive and difficult to get.

The impact of Premium Retrofit

We update your system to the latest technology.
Work on large monitors with convenient touch operation.
Use a modern HMI design with up-to-date data analysis tools.
Failures are minimized and and safety on board is increased.
A new system offers spare parts at affordable prices.
Extensions and system adaptations are ensured for many years after a retrofit.

Why it will get you smarter:

Invest in the future and ensure your vessel remains a relaxing retreat.



- We will be happy to come on board, discuss possible scenarios and explain the advantages of new technologies. In a direct discussion, the system is laid out and budget prices are quoted.
- Early planning and budgeting is the basis of a good realization.
- Be prepared for current delivery times of the components to be used.
- As a reliable partner we take care of your retrofit project. From the design of the system, the presentation to the classification society up to the complete commissioning, our experienced team will take care.
- Fe reommend to carry out a major retrofit during a scheduled docking phase. so mechanical work is coordinated and implemented by the shipyard.
- If necessary, a retrofit can also be carried out in several steps in order to comply with annual budgets (e.g. computer in one year / data stations in the second year).
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Re-use of components

-Sensors and cables can ofen be ue-used. This will minimize risk and reduced conversion work on board.
- To reduce costs and effort, we aim to continue using the existing control cabinets. As a standard, we pre-assemble a new system on mounting plates so that installation in the cabinets on board can be carried out quickly and easily.
- Due to the decentralized intelligence and modular design, we can adapt to an existing layout quite easily
- In general, current technology is smaller than on-board systems, so space issues are not expected.
- Our AllViu software platform supports screens in various formats and resolutions. existing displays can be re-used if desired (4:3 / 16:9 / 16:10)
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