Switchboard Cleaning

Professional cabinet cleaning with dry ice
We make your switchboard look good again !
Execution by qualified technicians
No use of water or chemicals!
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You know this?

Over the years, the control cabinet has become dusty from the inside. There is a sticky layer of grease and dust on many components, switches and breakers.
Devices become warm, fail and can possibly cause a fire as outlets are blocked by dust.
Your switchboard is always causing problems, because breakers sometimes have contact difficulties.

The impact of Switchboard Cleaning

Plant downtime can be avoided, because dirt, favors the formation of conductive layers.
Professional dry ice cleaning is a preventive method to avoid heat or ember buildup.
Prevent contact difficulties and downtime due to corrosion.
Since dry ice does not conduct, cabinet cleaning is also possible during ongoing operation.
No use of water or chemicals!

Why it will get you smarter:

Our experts use dry ice cleaning to delight customers who want sensitive electronics professionally cleaned.


Everything remains dry

The biggest enemy of electrical components is moisture. That is why cleaning methods using water or chemical cleaning products are absolutely unsuitable for switchboards a, electrical dirstribution cabinets and other electronics. If moisture spreads on circuit boards or within cables during cleaning, short circuits occur and the electronics are destroyed. To prevent this and still clean electrical components regularly, the use of dry ice blasting is recommended. Dry ice pellets sublimate after impact on the surface to be cleaned. This vaporization makes ice blasting a completely dry cleaning process.
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Cleaning without interruption of operation

By using dry ice, the cleaning process is possible without shutdown or interruption of operation. Thus, dry ice cleaning offers a convenient way without interfering with on-board operation.
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No disposal costs

Since dry ice cleaning is done without chemical products, there is also no need for costly disposal after cleaning.
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