System and process visualization

The X-ray view into your facility
Prozessvisualisierung der IndustrieanlageProzessvisualisierung der IndustrieanlageProzessvisualisierung der Industrieanlage

You know this?

Unfortunately, they still use "clatter technology": inflexible, outdated hardware control.
You operate your system with increased risk. Because you do not receive any warning or fault messages.
You lack an overview of important measured or controlled variables.
You can only monitor and operate at the control cabinet via indicator lights and switches or pushbuttons. Detailed information? Missing!
You miss the information for cleaning or maintenance intervals.
Complex system and process visualizations are not possible for you without modern systems.

The impact of System and process visualization

Convenient: You can operate and control your system from any location possible.
You have an overview of all consumption values at all times. Also possible: digital PDF dispatch.
The system shows you its production quantities or provides them via PDF.
The system shows you faults exactly and describes the errors.
From today, you have all maintenance and cleaning intervals at a glance.

Why it will get you smarter:

You get the X-ray view into your system: With all consumption values, malfunction and error messages. In addition, you see all maintenance and cleaning intervals.

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