AllViu Service and Maintenance Contract

Fast, uncomplicated and predictable
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You know this?

There is no regular system check. Service only takes place after a failure occurs.
For every small request to companies, a quotation and approval must be obtained by the ship's management in a cumbersome process.
Every small invoice goes through an elaborate approval procedure with many involved instances.
Small invoices become expensive due to short-quantity surcharges. High hourly rates for qualified technicians are charged.
In case of an acute defect in the system servie technician do not have free time slots availabe.
I need support on a topic and no one is available.

The impact of AllViu Service and Maintenance Contract

Besecke offers a customized service solution with annual billing.
We guarantee a reasonable response time on any questions that arise on the subject.
Urgent service requests are handled with priority so that your system is up and running again quickly.
A reduced service rate compared to hourly billing is agreed.
Optionally, an annual "health check" by an experienced besecke employee can be arranged. This person checks the system on site, shows the current status and makes recommendations for action to ensure a long system life.

Why it will get you smarter:

Be smart! Invest in fast support and save time of individual billing.



- Annually terminable contract
- Adjustments possible at any time
- No complex approvals for small jobs
- Only one invoice per year
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Hourly quota

- Included number of hours freely definable
- Reduced hourly rate compared to billing by the hour
- Remote support via phone, email or TeamViewer
- Guaranteed response time
- Direct support by qualified technicians
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Optional additional services

- Annual health check on board
- Regular training of the crew
- Control cabinet cleaning by dry ice
- Ship-specific spare parts store with fast shipping
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