Visualization System for Intuitive Operation and Notification
Scalable alarm, monitoring & control system for up to 20,000 I/O's.
Decentralized system architecture - reduction of cabling, weight, space and costs.
Integrated online diagnostics for fast fault detection, data analysis and graphical trend display.
Yacht VisualisierungYacht VisualisierungYacht Visualisierung

You know this?

Individual systems are installed for bilge alarms, tank and engine gauges, which makes data comparison more difficult and troubleshooting more complex.
Each on-board system is from different manufacturers. You have to constantly rethink when operating them.
You do not have a central, quick overview of all systems on board.
Your crew is overwhelmed in critical situations because many individual devices alert at the same time.
As a captain, you don't know what's going on in the engine room.
The fuel level indicator is not accurate. You can not plan precisely, which makes you feel unconvenient at each voyage.

The impact of beVISION

You have all major ship parameters instantly under control, because all important on-board systems are connected to beVISION.
A uniform operating philosophy and customer-specific mimic pages makes on-board operation easy.
Continuous data recording of all analog parameters allows a graphical presentation and comparsion of historical data as well as a tracking of the complete alarm history.
In order not to interfere with on-board operations, the system provides a service mode for suppressing false alarms caused by faulty sensor inputs.
Creation of automatically generated reports in CSV format for further processing (Value Export feature)

Why it will get you smarter:

Modern ships are equipped with an increasing number of complex systems. beVISION offers smart support for system analysis and decision-making through central data presentation.


beVISION can bei connected to following sub-systems

+ beWATCH – Bridge Navigational Watch System
+ beMOTION – Heli Motion Solution
+ beSAFE – Vessel Safety Station
+ beENERGY – Energy Management System
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beVISION supports a various number of data protocols to external devices

+ NMEA 0183 / NMEA 2000
+ Modbus RTU / Modubus TCP
+ SAE J 1939
+ and much more
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Using COTS products ensures good availability of spare parts

+ WAGO PLC witch CoDeSys coding language
+ Maritime operator stations witch AllViu-HMI
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Remote Support

+ Fast support via remote access
+ Avoidance of high travel costs
+ Encrypted connection
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Technical data

Highly reliable system architecture
Decentralized concept: less cabling, weight, space and cost
Layout scalable: up to 20,000 I/Os
High level of functional integration
Supports multiple interfaces
Fast error detection through integrated online diagnostics

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