Helicopter approach solution
For safe heli approach: Displays roll and pitch angles as well as heel. It turns on landing lights, controls the HVLA and more.
You control in your HMI platform: because the system is perfectly integrable with other AllViu products.
Easy for the crew! A harmonious operating concept for all AllViu products makes it easy to use.
Helikopter landet auf YachtHelikopter landet auf YachtHelikopter landet auf Yacht

You know this?

The software is often part of HVLA systems, but usually this option is expensive.
Often "heli motion" tools comes with an old-fashioned HMI baased on naval applications.
You need a separate workstation on the bridge. It is rarely used and needs a lot of space.
The system layout is fix, it cannot be adapted to your needs.
You must wire the sensors to different systems individually.
Systems from different manufacturers cannot exchange data.

The impact of beMOTION

We can adapt graphical mimics to your needs.
beMOTION runs on the AllViu visualization platform and can be integrated into the beVISION ship alarm system.
The beMOTION mimics can be operated on all workstations of the AllViu system.
You save on spare parts: Because the system is based on the components of the beVISION main system.
The presentation complies with requirement of PYC Code Annex 2, Chapter 5.1.

Why it will get you smarter:

With the AllViu visualization platform, we realize a wide variety of maritime systems and beMOTION also uses this platform to display and control sensors and actuators on the heli-deck.
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Bernhard Jungsthöfel
Head of Maritime Software
The AllViu visualization platform is used on most of our maritme software products to ensure a consistent operating concept.


Designed for safe operation

beMOTION helps you monitor the helicopter landing area. It displays the roll and pitch angle and the heel of the landing deck. It can be easily interfaced to the beMOTION Alarm & Montoring System.
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beMOTION fits perfectly into the main system

The system can be seamlessly integrated with other AllViu applications. This saves cabling and minimizes the amount of workstations.
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Advantage for your crew: Just 1x training!

HMI and operation philosophy is equal to other AllViu products such as beVISION and beSECUR. beMOTION can also be operated from all AllViu stations. The graphical presentation complies with requirement according to PYC Code Annex 2, Chapter 5.1.
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Also appicable as an independent stand-alone solution

beMOTION is available as a stand-alone solution. You can upgrade the system at any time.
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