Vessel Safety Station
System for a clear indication of all fire zones, fire detectors and dampers
Display of watertight doors and hatches as well as graphical presenation of fire zones with fire detectors
Ready to be integrated into beVISION automation system
Außenbereich einer YachtAußenbereich einer YachtAußenbereich einer Yacht

You know this?

You still work with an old-fashioned mimic panel with engraved plate and LED indictors.
You can operate the system at certain workstations only.
The cabling is very complex, as individual signals have to be pulled across the ship.
There is no data transfer via bus systems.

The impact of beSAFE

beSAFE uses the AllViu visualization platform and can be easily integrated into the beVISION automation system.
You save spare parts, because the system is based on the components of the beVISION - main system.
You can use the mimics on all workstations (increased redundancy).
beSAFE supports a variety of data protocols for easy connection to external systems.
Graphical pages are prepared to the needs of your project.
Customizable user roles provide increased operational reliability.

Why it will get you smarter:

Clever networking of on-board systems increases operational comfort and offers enhanced safety through redundancy.
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Bernhard Jungsthöfel
Head of Maritime Software
The AllViu visualization platform is used on most of our maritme software products to ensure a consistent operating concept.


Everything under control at a glance

With beSAFE, you always have a clear view of all interior and exterior doors and hatches.
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Protected in case of fire on board

beSAFE is fully connected to the fire alarm system.
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