AllViu System Trainings

Always up to date

You know this?

Employees and crew members leave the ship. New technical personnel will be hired and instructed.
Manuals for all systems are available. In daily work, these documents are never used. The know-how about available systems on board quickly disappears.
Existing features and tools of the systems are not used due to lack of knowledge.
Devices and systems suffer damage. Regular maintenance was not performed followed by consequential damage.
You have very high service costs. A small error appears and the manufacturers service is always called immediately.

The impact of AllViu System Trainings

Minimal downtime, due to fast fault detection and repair.
You are and remain a professional! Your crew can handle many unexpected situations independently.
Optimal use of existing tools and features.
Reduction of running costs.

Why it will get you smarter:

Don't wait for mistakes - be prepared and up to date. Save costs through know-how on board!


Do you still know every detail?

Learn to work with the system. From a new colleague to an expert, all should refresh knowledge. How to set the user rights? Where are the project mimics used for? How can I create a data export for analysis? Always have an answer to your system's questions.
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Training of the on-board technicians

As a technician, regular maintenance work must be carried out. You do not need the manufacturer for this. Create error analyses and find the failour source. Configure and commission spare parts. Lean to establish remote service access.
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We train where you are

Your crew is on board? Perfect - we train you directly on the on-board system. This allows you to learn under realisitic conditions in your own system. Of course, classroom training with practical exercises and online training via MS TEAMS are also provided.
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This is not training - this is investment!

Every crew is different and each system is individual configured. Just like our trainings. It will be optimally tailored to your needs: location, time, duration and content - personally created for you.
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