Maritime Power Distribution Solutions

Design and manufacturing of main switchboards, emergency switchboards, Motor Control Center (MCC) as well as power distribution cabinets.
German manufacturing with according highest quality standards.
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You know this?

The power distribution system is not optimally designed. Generators often run without an appropriate load and fuses are tripped in some operating conditions.
Some generators are run constantly, while others are almost never turned on. This leads to uneven wear and higher maintenance costs.
In some operating states, there is a risk of a blackout. For example, the switchover to the shore connection does not always run smoothly.
After a few years, spare parts are no longer available and the supplier has no interest in giving support.
You cannot get the maximum power out of the available energy.

The impact of Maritime Power Distribution Solutions

We take a holistic approach to power distribution on ships. With our experienced team, we design the systems optimally. We configure efficient power management to ensure a safe ship operation.
In-house production in Bremen ensures a high degree of flexibility and cost transparency and, of course, maximum quality assurance - for example, at production of switchboard cabinets or low-voltage distribution systems.
Assembly of switchboards is one of our major businesses in the maritime sector. This includes
• Main switchboards
• Emergency switchboards
• Power and light distribution
• Wheelhouse and engine room control panels
• Motor starter cabinets (MCC)
• Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS)
• 24 V DC power distribution systems
• IT racks
We manufacture control cabinets and switchboards from small to large. Due tu our experienced team, our customers thank us with great trust.
Regular maintenance and optimization of the plants is an important part of our services. They guarantee that the technology is always kept up to date and will continue to pay off in the future.

Why it will get you smarter:

The largest yachts in the world rely on our longtherm experience in the design and production of power distribution systems.

Do not acccept compromises. Give your trust to the professionals !

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